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February: Winter, Carnival, Valentine’s day


- Tuesday 7.2 Raatikko theater holding us a dance workshop


- Week 8, Winter Holidays, the daycare is closed


- Tuesday 28.2. we celebrate Carnival, the children may come in disguise



March: Spring


- Thursday 2.3 Papillons and Libellules groups go to Raatikko Theater to enjoy the show « Supersankarit »


- Monday 6.3 all groups go to Raatikko Theater to enjoy the show « Snow White » at Helsingin Jäähalli


- Weeks 12-13-14, parents / teachers conference


April: Easter, Sun, Open Doors


- Friday 7.4 grandparent’s coffee from 2:30pm to 4pm


- Good Friday 14.4 and the second Easter day Monday 17.4, the daycare is closed


- Thursday 27.4 Sun festival, the group Minis B come to join us


- Saturday 29.4 open doors from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, please come visit us!


May: Mother’s Day, Spring flowers


- Friday 12.5 we celebrate Mother’s Day


- Thursday 18.5 ALL THE GROUPS go to Raatikko Theater to enjoy the show « Pohjatuulen Kolme Lahjaa »


- Tuesday 30.5 Spring’s party at Munkkivuori’s youth house starting at 5:30 pm



June: Summer, Vacation


- Games, outdoor activities in the theme Holiday


- Friday 23.6 is the last day before Summer Holidays, the daycare closes at 2:30 pm



Enjoy your summer Holidays


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